I experienced my first startup at age 5 when my aunt Gladys helped me launch my very own scrap-gold-for-sale business. To be fair, she was my best (well, only) customer and it wasn’t difficult to meet her 14Kt gold requirements – “metallic-like, shiny and with a tinge of yellow”. The market for gold plummeted at the end of that summer when Gladys left LA to go back to her home in New York. It was rough times to say the least, but by the time she came back to visit during the holidays I had a business in Christmas ornaments on the heels of public launch. Again, she was the lifeline of my business and even defined functional requirements for the shatter proof paper based angels we had manufactured. She didn’t know it then, but my aunt Gladys was preparing me for the basics of being in a startup: you have to be a tenacious entrepreneur, innovator and builder. Many paper angels later, it’s great to see that the same lessons learned in youth still hold true.

At Hulu, we've always believed that our team is defined by an entrepreneurial spirit that is second only to our passion for innovation and technology. It's this very passion that leads the team to tinker, experiment and hack in search of the perfect platform. This is a luxury we enjoy as a tech company that is only constrained by the limits of our imagination and the technical debates we have on the side of our office we call "Dev Heaven".

Over the last few years we have been fortunate enough to build services that help millions of TV, Movie and Documentary junkies find and enjoy their favorites. We happen to believe that our growing team of technologists have designed and implemented some of the most elegant and scalable services we've seen. We haven't done this alone. Throughout this journey the tech community has been an incredible source of knowledge, guidance and inspiration. We have relied on your open source contributions, your articles, your know-how. That's why we're so excited to be announcing the launch of this tech blog.

You'll find different views of Hulu Tech here. Some days we might share a bit about our infrastructure. Other days we might try and map out unchartered territories we just entered. And in some posts, we will give you some insight into our team, their passions and all the things we love about the Hulu technology team culture.

I hope our blog inspires you to design and build great paper angels. We certainly have been inspired by reading all of yours.

Richard Tom is the VP of Platform Technology.